Saturday, August 6, 2011

More unknown pictures

This is an example of some of the new pictures I have added to the Photo Album of unknown pictures.
These pictures were important to some family many years ago and I would like to give pictures back to them.  Some of the pictures are 80-100 years old.  Please contact me with any questions or comments at

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Please take a look at the photos posted on this website. Most are from Gallia county, Ohio where my Logues lived. It would be wonderful if some one could recognize any one at all here. If so, please, please contact me. Thanks, Karen

Friday, June 17, 2011

Monday, November 8, 2010

Find A Grave

This is a good website where you can look for information about locating an ancestor's grave.  There are more than 53 million graves, often with pictures and headstone incriptions.  You can search by name, by location, or by cemetery.  Really good information here.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Genealogy Search Help

Genealogy Search Help for Google, which helps you run targeted genealogical Google searches
Free Genealogy Search Help for Google
Get the Best Genealogy Searches for Google by Using Your Family Tree
This free genealogy site will help you use Google™ for your research. It will create a series of different searches using tips or "tricks" that will likely improve your results. The different searches will give you many different ways of using Google to find ancestry information on the Internet.
Just complete the small family tree from the above link for an ancestor and this site will set up the best searches for you, based on what you enter. Tip: If you don't know an ancestor's parents, but know one of the ancestor's children, use the child's name for the First Name and Last Name below (and spouse, birth, and death) and then enter the ancestor as the Father or Mother. This gives more information for building a search.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Great new FREE resource

If you go to the New York Times site, you can enter your search terms in the bar near the top of the page and select whether you want to search articles since 1981 or before 1981. Once you have your results, you can select the Advanced option to limit your search to specific dates. The stories are downloadable as PDF documents. (If you happen across articles that aren't in the free years, they're $4.95 each, or you can get a monthly pass for $7.95 that allows 100 story downloads.)
I used a couple of Ohio place names and found real gold...many surnames, too. Try it.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Abner Logue's children

Abner Logue, son of Samuel, and his wife Eleanor (Ellen) Rife had the following children, all born in Ohio:
Wyatt Logue (1841-1908),
Emeline Logue (1842-1917),
Ellis Logue (1844-1973),
Joseph Logue (1848-?),
Lydia Logue (1849-?),
Zenas Logue (1853-?),
Adeline Logue (1854-?),
Emma J. Logue (1858-?),
James S. Logue (1861-?),
Timothy Logue (1863-1953)

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Research comment

He who cares nothing about his ancestors will rarely achieve anything worthy of being remembered by his descendants. —author unknown

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ellis Logue's Civil War Pension file

I sent away for Ellis Logue's Civil War Pension file and received 97 pages of incredible information...copies of handwritten documents by his parents, wife, doctors, ministers, fellow soldiers. Just amazing.
NARA Record Request Fees Go Up Oct. 1st
We’ve known it was coming since the
National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) proposed last February to raise its reproduction fees for records you order. The good news is, it could’ve been worse.Effective Oct. 1, NARA will charge $75 for a Civil War pension file of up to 100 pages, plus $.65 per additional page (for longer files, staff will contact the requestor with a price quote before filling the order). NARA will charge $50 for pre-Civil War pension files regardless of page count, and $.75 per page to copy other records.While still a steep increase from the current $37 for a Civil War pension file, these fees are less than the $125 and $60 NARA originally proposed for Civil War and pre-Civil War pensions, respectively. (Still, save some cash by sending your request before October.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Joseph Logue, great grandson of Samuel

From an interview with Darrell Day Cardwell:
He remembers that Joe Logue had a Model T. It ran better backwards...sometimes he had to drive it backwards up the steep hills, like Loudinville Hill in Gallia County, Ohio. He was buried in Fairfield Cemetery, Fairborn, Ohio. According to his granddaughter, Marjorie, Joseph attended Rio Grande College. Marge also remembers a blacksmith shop and a covered bridge by their home in Gallia County. He is not listed in the Gallia County, Ohio, 1900 Census because, according to Abner's will, he was living in Muncie, Indiana in 1900.
From the Greene County (Ohio)Library:
Dec. 16, 1941 J. A. Logue
Joseph A. Logue, 73, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Daniel Hoak, 98 N. Main Street., Fairfield, Monday after an extended illness. He also leaves a son, Floyd A., of Akron. Funeral arrangements have not been completed.

The Obituary of Abner's wife, Eleanor

Abner and his wife, Eleanor Rife, were parents of 10 children. He lived to be 80 years old and I can find nothing on him as a resident of Gallia County. Here is his wife's (called Nellie rather than Ellie) obituary:

Logue, Nellie
Death in Morgan -- Mrs. Nellie Logue, widow, of the late Abner Logue, of Morgan Township, died at the home of her son, Mr. Timothy Logue, last Monday morning. She was about 82 years of age. The funeral and burial took place Tuesday. Five sons, Joseph, Wyatt, Zenas, James and Timothy, and one daughter, Mrs. Q. O. Thomas, are left to mourn the loss of a kind mother.
Gallipolis Bulletin

Friday, Nov. 8, 1901

Transcribed by Henny Evans

[And also the following]

Mrs. Nellie Logue, widow of Abner Logue of Morgan township, living with her son Tim, died Monday morning aged about 82 years. She was a sister of the late Sheriff Aaron Rife and a splendid woman. She will be buried at the Rife graveyard Tuesday. She left sons Joe, Wyatt, Zene, James and Timothy and one daughter Mrs. Q. O. Thomas.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune

November 5, 1901

Transcribed by Henny Evans

Samuel's family

Samuel Logue was married twice. His first marriage produced son, Alexander.

He married Hannah Gross in 1816 in Gallia County, Ohio, and they became parents of:

  • Abner, Martin, James, Samuel, Emeline, William, Polly, Margaret, and Esther.

I know these are his children because they are named in his will of 1851; he died the following year. There are hundreds of descendants of Samuel but I will focus on Abner, an interesting man who died without leaving a will and his son, Wyatt, was appointed as Administrator after putting up a bond of $900.

Heirs of Abner Logue

Wyatt Logue, being duly sworn, says that Abner Logue a resident of the Township of Springfield in said County, died on or about the 24 day of May A.D.1891 leaving Eleanor Logue his widow whose P.O. address is Vanceton and the following persons his only heirs at law:

Wyatt Logue son Pine Grove, Ohio

Avalon Reeves daughter Pine Grove, Ohio

Joseph Logue son Lone Tree, Mo

Zenas Logue son Seymore, Iowa

Addie Thomas daughter Domino, Ohio

Timothy Logue son Vanceton, Ohio

James Logue son Chillicothe, Ohio

Joseph Logue grandson Muncie, Indiana

Edith Logue Glen granddaughter Ohio

Mina Logue granddaughter Vinton, Ohio

Amos Logue grandson Kansas, Ohio

Clarence Whitman grandson

Clara Whitman granddaughter

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Samuel Logue, patriarch

The first Logue in Ohio
Samuel Logue (who was the father of Alexander, Abner, Martin, James, Emeline, and Samuel G. Logue) was among the pioneers who settled in Augusta County, Virginia in 1756 on the tributaries of the Cowpasture River. When he journeyed over the mountains from Botetourt County in 1804, horseback was the method of travel; everything that could be brought was packed into saddlebags.